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is an Arena based game set in a dystopian Sci-Fi Universe.The game will follow you, The player, working and training with your chosen gladiator.

Working together you will guide your chosen gladiator in fierce battles up through the ranks of the Arena. 

In addition to the Arena battles there will be special encounters and side stories that help flesh out the events going on as you climb the ladders of the Arena. Some of these events will help strengthen the universe while others side quests will tell the unique story of your chosen Gladiator.


The battles in and out of the Arena will be Turn Based Battles with unique custom designed pixel art animations. Based on the Gladiator that you chose, your companion will come to the fights with their own personal edge and special abilities. New abilities will be unlocked as you progress through the battles of Arenus.


The Team

Kaliyo (Project Director)
Wildquill (Story Director)
Menoziriath (Lead Artist)
AnimatedTeko (Pixel Artist)
AoiichiNiiSan (Music Director/Composer)
WhyNot (Pixel Artist)


Become the warden!

Choose your gender and select one of three appearances per gender. As an RPG Management game, you’ll be forced to make heavy hitting decisions as you form your personality and management style. Many of these choices may change the relationship you have with your Gladiator and other characters of the game.
The right choices may even lead to a deeper connection between you and your Gladiator.

Choose your gladiator! 

Geyna, the lost warrior, Elona the adventurous doctor, or Armida the fighter who never gives up. Each Gladiator with a completely unique look and personality.
Each gladiator also comes into battle with a unique fighting style, including distinctive combat animations.

Manage your business!

Your choices define how your Gladiator improves in Arenus. Each day you will chose between various options that offer different rewards.
Will you have them train for agility? Or have them work at the local bar to earn more credits for new weapons?

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Arenus Tech Demo.zip 392 MB


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Looks amazing. Hope you finish this. 

I honestly can't wait for this to come out. It's all looking pretty good.


will this ever be on mac....cause I do often times find these great looking games on mac to always be disappointed by no cross-platform, wouldn't like that to be the case with this one

I think this is off to a great start! everything in the demo seems to work really well and the animation is awesome! I'm excited to see some progress and see how the project progresses!

so just test rain,test battle and fps test? can't go anywhere?

It took me a sec to realize this is made in the MV engine, and looks absolutely stunning. People tell me that the engine is very limited on what it can do and you can;t escape the design it already has. Glad to see that it not the case :D

Hey Developer I when I download tried to play your guys game I unable to do anything because it won't let me click  anything within the game from the moment I started playing. I was allow to control my character using WASD. But the game won't let me click or to press any button on keyboard. So basically there is issue with control mechanic thanks!!! I know its a beta test can you fix this issue!! I would loved to give full review of your guys game in near future thanks

(1 edit)

try using the arrow keys and the enter or 0 key on the numpad if you can, that worked for my girlfriend and i uwu